20 March 2009

Presidential Bracket

Could this get any better? March Madness is great, Obama is great...put them together...golden! There's so many good quips in this. I love when Obama says he has to pick Duke because of Reggie Love and the ESPN guy asks "All the way?" and Obama says "No, not all the way" - like 'are you out of your mind?' :) He's got such a great speaking manner, even explaining his reasoning for some of his picks he sounds so calm, sound, and convincing! homebase has gotta love that picked UNC. "Now, I picked y'all last year - you let me down. This year, don't embarrass me in front of the nation...I've still got those sneakers you gave me." Love it!


  1. I love that he wants something from his bet if he wins --from ESPN, very funny

  2. oh, yeah,,,GO TAR HEELS!!!!!