08 March 2009

"Not without my..."

I thought this post from Kathleen Flinn's blog was interesting and fun. It also made me think, despite not being near her level of culinary achievement, what would be my "not without my" items...
Like Ms. Flinn, I'm very fond of my knives. And like her, I am a fan of Wusthof. I've got a Le Cordon Bleu paring knife from the knife class I took with stoppable a couple years ago to go with a good cook's knife and a santoku that is not bad either. All of them should probably be sharpened. (Which reminds me, I need a sharping steel). I also really like my big cast iron skillet. It is super for curry, frying falafel, making chicken, really pretty much anything. I might also include my (secondhand) pepper mill. Fresh ground pepper is hard to live without. Honorable mentions: my Microplane, my box grater, measuring spoons, and my All-Clad grill pan.
I do have to add that her spice drawer made me recoil. As homebase can attest, I've always had an obsession with organizing, alphabetizing, condensing and purging the spice pantry at home. I've let go of the alphabetizing but still like all spices to be facing forward, neatly stacked and visible.


  1. and I have picked up alphabetizing the spices from you, it makes it easy and does look nice. Loved cooking with you and caboose this weekend. THe onions got to caboose and me but you were a trooper!! Thanks for a fun weekend. I had a great time.

  2. great post -- i'll put some thought into my "not-w/o's"

    but i have to question the non-alphabetic spices... i'm not sure recent reconnaissance corroborates

  3. actually the more thought i put into my list the more i was willing to compromise:

    - LARGE skillet, important but I've done w/o

    - Bread knife, even dull i've made them work

    - Tongs: if it's too hot for my fingers, there's always a fork and a spatula


    in the end I'm left with:

    -chef's knife
    -paring knife (same make and occassion as middleson)
    -dog at my feet (ha ha, just checking)