08 March 2009

Girls State Basketball

I was hoping to make it down to Wells Fargo for a game last week during the Girls High School State basketball tournament and homebase thought it sounded like a good time so she came into town and Friday we were able to hit up the fish fry at St. John's (with caboose) before heading to some games. Although the Deer Expo going on next door looked interesting, we stuck to our plan and got our ticket ($8 for two championship games) and had good seats to watch Springville take on AGWSR (Ackley, Geneva, Wellsburg, Steamboat Rock). Springville was the defending champs and led almost the entire game...until the last 30 seconds. It wasn't a pretty game and the final score was 28-27. They both liked to take it slow and set up their offense but the finish was crazy; missed free throws, turnovers and a come from behind win. We also watched the first of the 2A game with Manilla-IKM going against a Cascade team that couldn't seem to get things going. Their student section was INCREDIBLE and great to watch, but they didn't have it on the floor. Saturday we made meatloaf and cheesy potatoes and watched the finish of the 3A game and all the 4A game on TV. I was happy to see Sioux City North take down Ames. Some good individual performances and girls state bb is always a fun time. I was very happy that they decided to allow the high school pep bands to play and they seem to have scaled back on the relentless scoreboard distractions and give the cheerleaders and students a chance to actually cheer and keep the focus on the game and on the lights and sounds of Wells Fargo.


  1. That first game was the best, still looks like kids from small towns know how to have fun and stick together in the big barn!!

  2. I haven't seen state bball since it moves to Wells, I remember playing in the Barn - it was so fun, but I bet the new place is pretty sweet too!

  3. yeah, i'm MUCH more fond of Vets than of Wells. Our girls played their substate game there last year. It was nice to be back in there. Wells is a very nice facility but it doesn't have the personality that Vets did.