31 March 2009

Do the Right Thing

Stories like this amaze me. Yes, in theory, it is a simple gesture and the right thing to do. But, in reality, during the high intensity and blazing speed of a professional match and you are inside your opponent's 18 yard box, having the iron-clad resolve and unerring fairness to tell the referee AFTER he's awarded a penalty kick to you that you were actually not fouled and the tackle was fair and good, is more than respectable. It's admirable. It is pretty much giving up a free goal, which is monumental. Check it out here.


  1. Cool, what teams were they?

  2. The player was Costin Lazar. He plays Rapid Bucharest and they beat Otelul Galati. Two teams in Romania.

  3. Wow. Hope his coach was okay with that... Good for him, though. Winning on a false penalty isn't any fun.