19 March 2009

Chicago in 26 hours

I made a compact trip to Chicago the last couple days and, although it wasn't long, it didn't feel like a whirlwind either. I was arriving in Chicago on the first flight of the day and had a 'wheels-down' time of ~8:30. Took the train straight to down town and was in line when the Art Institute opened its doors. They had a special Edvard Munch exhibit, but since I'm not a big fan and didn't have that much time, I opted for just the standard admission. But they also had an exhibit of Yousuf Karsh, an Armenian-born, Canadian photographer. His name didn't ring any bells but when you look at his portraits you will definitely recognize some of the shots and the style. The portraits were very fun to see upclose; they are large prints! I couldn't spent an hour or so on this one alone. After that, my shopping commenced and although I saw lots of items that I liked, I ended up buying nothing. And I found an adidas Performance store that just opened in August, in addition to the adidas Originals store that I love, so that was great. I took a little break at the Borders on Michigan and I wrote down a couple books to try and get from the library. My seat was in the very corner of the second-story cafe and I had a wonderful view of Michigan and Water Tower for people watching. I figured spring break was a great time for a little pampering so I had booked a massage, my first ever. At the skilled hands of the Lincoln Park Massage, I had a relaxing and reinvigorating 60 minute deep-tissue massage (thanks for the tip, Amy!). I can definitely see why people like them so much! Following that, it was time to meet up with Amy, Adriana, Dave and Jen at English for a little dinner. It was very nice to spend some time catching up with them and hearing what all was new with everyone. I also ran into a couple students...seriously! Of all the restaurant/bars in Chicago, the probability of that occurring is mind-blowing! After dinner we went our seperate ways, they to see 'Mary Poppins' and me to see 'Xanadu'. I had got a tip from a drama-major former student that Xanadu was good fun and I was able to find a coupon for $20 off the ticket price online. I really enjoyed it. It is tons of campy, roller-skating, neony fun. I just got the soundtrack off iTunes. :) And I got to stay in a super-comfy bed at Dave & Adriana's new place (sweet views!). The next morning I walked up Milwaukee and marveled at all the killer shoe and clothing stores (none of which were open that early). I will have to be sure to hit up that area on my next trip! A great time for sure!!

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  1. Xandau sure looked like fun, lots of energy and great singing. Sounds like a great time. Love the photo exhibit-especially Audrey.