23 March 2009

Basketball Uniform Violation

Another story brought to my attention via Gapers Block. It started off as one of those odd, unique, quirky stories you see every so often - a team is playing in the Illinois state semifinals and gets a technical foul assessed on them before the game starts due to an stripe on their jerseys that doesn't match regulations. But as you read more it gets more and more ridiculous. After the free throws, the game starts with them down a point and they end up losing by one point. These are the same uniforms they've worn all year, without ever getting a technical before. For the consolation game they bring their sophomore team's uniforms but they are told that they also are in violation of the rules, so they wear their original uniforms and start that game off down a point as well, although they go on to win handily. Oh, they've also had a player shot, another be academically ineligible and one be ineligible after being caught cheating but then getting a court injunction to be able to play. That is one wild season!

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