24 February 2009

It's a sub!!!

So I was out sick a week ago. I thought about entitling this one "Miss Nelson is Missing" after the children's book. The notes from the substitute were far from flattering when I got back. I won't go into the lecture I had to give the kids or the discussions we had. But what I wanted to share was a couple humorous lines from the half-page descriptive essays that I required everyone to write about "what took place on the day with the sub." The essays were actually very honest, both from good students and bad. Although no one named names, they told the facts from their points of view with enlightening clarity. Here are just a few of the lines that brought a smile to my face...

"Friday was a bad day. We started working until the sub freaked out"

"On Friday your sub was going through a mid-life crisis"

"OK, so we had this crazy sub."

"The sub was being a d-bag"

"I came in the class, sat down, he got loud with me so I got loud back then he sent me to the office. I was not even in here for 10min before I left."

"It didn't seem like the sub had respect for us at the beginning so I don't think people wanted to give him respect."

"The whole problem started with the teacher being so rude and a pain in the *** for a lot of us." (that's her censoring, not mine.)

"Because he was being disrespectful to us so we gave disrespect back to him. I know that's wrong but he shouldn't just show no respect to us."


  1. So funny--I love,"your sub was having a mid-life crisis" quite a line.

  2. PS. I think you should have read Miss Nelson is Missing to them. :) When you got back that is.

  3. i especially like the first one;

    we started working (halo's in place), until the sub freaked out"