18 February 2009

Professional Development

We had our all day, all district professional development convention on Monday and I would rank it 6 out of 10. I always look forward to that day. It's fun to see teacher friends from other schools and be able to go out to lunch. And it is nice to be down on the skywalk and mingling with other adult professionals. The sessions were pretty good too. Only one that I thought was a waste of time, which was actually too bad because they seemed to have good material but the delivery and their presenation environment were not good. There are LOTS of adults who need some powerpoint help. Too many words, too many bullets per page, not using a big enough font, reading word for word from the slide, etc. Come on folks, step your game up!
The best line of the day came during a break out session from the afternoon keynote address. It was given by Ako Kambon and Jim White of the Visionary Leaders Insitute who both were top-notch. Mr. White was really going and getting excited about the material he was presenting and said, "My girlfriend will get on my case cuz I'm always on my laptop looking up new strategies and information and I tell her 'LEAVE ME ALONE!! I could be on drugs!" It doesn't read as very funny but to hear this middle-aged professional guy give it as his 'there are worse things I could be wasting time on' excuse was pretty funny. But those two gentlemen gave great presentations. Ako focused on understanding, teaching and relating to today's student and Jim's was about focusing on improving the culture within a school's faculty and driving toward excellence. Really good stuff and a great finish to the day.

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  1. Lucky they were last in the day, you will remember them and were ready for something good. Always good to see your friends. You and I have both been at a lot worse!