25 February 2009

Ash Wednesday

The Filet-o-Fish sandwich reminds me of Ash Wednesday. It comes from years of going to Ash Wednesday mass and then going through the drive-thru to get a fish sandwich on the way back to school. Since school lunches here don't seem to off a fish sandwich, I decided to zip over to the golden arches and pick up a couple. They were pretty tasty but I won't be making a habit of that since two sandwiches had 54% of my daily recommended fat. Ugh.


  1. I had one as well, I had them add cheese but the mayo was immense and had to be scraped off, but I loved the flavor and the ritual of eating a Mcd's fish on Ash Wednesday. :)They had a Shamrock Shake-I ordered one then thought, oh, no that is a dessert, so had to cancel, ah.. so the denial begins. :)

  2. I went with the BK "Big Fish." Ehh.

  3. th 54% is w/o the obligatory cheese too!

  4. one lenten season i made the rounds to compare FFood sandwiches. As i recall

    1. McDs
    2. Wendy's (but 2 sarnies was about $9!)
    3. BK