16 November 2006

Vatican meetings on priest celibacy

The Pope called for meetings to discuss the celibacy of priests and priests that have been married. The outcome of those meetings is pretty much, 'no change'. "The value of the choice of priestly celibacy, according to Catholic tradition, has been reaffirmed." I couldnt' find the actual statement released by the Vatican, unfortunately.
I did find this encyclical from1967 and this other document though.
Which leads me to two questions...
1. Why don't major news agencies provide links to their source documents in their articles?
2. Why is it so hard to find anything on the Vatican site?


  1. 1. I haven't had a chance to read the links yet -- I did hear about the meetings on ... NPR naturally. At the time I wondered if B16 (hey he's a vitamin!) was just humoring the popular call for review. I don't know if that's the case; but I do know I would be concerned if there was a change here. I believe I'd prefer single women priests before married men....

    2. The Vatican's site is CHUCK FULL of information.... and most of it is impossible to locate. Apparently they felt the need to make their website as labyrinthine as their physical library. I often wonder if it's b/c the site is programmed in Italian or something... Whatever the cause, the result is clear -- good luck finding the haystack; let alone the needle.

  2. I saw this too and I thought, what? how did all this come to the forefront so fast, but then I heard B16 said "NO" before the meetings ever started. That's okay with me, it was their answer to the sexual abuse problems with priests. I heard, through the Catholic grapevine, B16 was for letting remarried Catholics receive communion that were not married in the church. Like someone was married in the church, divorced, married outside the church, now you can't receive communion. If you are divorced you can still receive communion--I did check on that folks!!! but get married and that's it. I do favor a reprieve here so that people will remain in the church and raise their kids there etc. I know a couple in my little parish that have been married 25 years and haven't received communion all that time but still attend mass every Sunday. Too bad. Maybe Bendict will bring that forward.

  3. i thought that if the first marriage was annulled you could have communion? -- and now they're expanding it to all remarried divorcees?

  4. 1. you can't just say what you would prefer and not why.

    2. i have never been on the vatican's site. sorry...bad catholic?

    3. I am all for priests getting married. I do not believe that it will eliminate abuse problems however. Pedophiles are married people too. anyway, Despite solving the problem of lagging numbers of priests, married priests would bring with it many new problems. Like dating a priest...that would be awkward wouldn't it? You would be afraid he was judging you for your immoral thoughts, etc. therefore I think that if priests were to be married that they should be so before they enter the priesthood. another problem: if eron became a priest he could have considerable power over my eternal soul...not sure if i'm ok with that :).

  5. what causes you to think I don't already?

  6. it gets complicated. If the first marriage is annulled and you marry in the Catholic church the 2 time and get divorced again-- You can still recieve communion. but you would need an annullment the second time before you could ever remarry again. If you marry again not in the church, no communion for you.

  7. This may be a little to Methodist-ic, but I just have a problem with a bunch of 70-90 year olds in a closed room deciding how I should practice my faith. I knew that the guy's infallable, but I was unaware that he is also omnicient and knows the ins and outs of every Catholic's situation on the planet. Don't get me wrong, I realize the good that the Vatican has done and continues to do, but there's nothing that they can say (or 'declare') that's going to take precedence to my own personal relationship with God, His son, and Holy Spirit. I see more faith and good in 1 guy who hasn't been to church in 10 yrs helping an elderly woman carry her groceries than 1,000 people murmuring the same old prayer once a week and thinking that they're good to go. I believe that, in the end, God is going to put a little more weight on how you lived your life than what percentile you fall into under Church Attendence.

  8. Oh yeah, and Priests shouldn't be married. We have enough trouble with quality of priests without giving them THAT distraction. We don't need MORE priests, we need BETTER preists. Fewer Father Brucks and more Joe Sharons. People who don't give off the vibe that its such a yoke they have to bear.

  9. I agree to a point about you must have faith in your heart but I also don't believe in some people saying I don't need to go to church, I pray at home. Well, okay --but there is something about gathering together and helping each other in faith. and receiving communion is something wonderful and strengthening I think we need to do better in helping nuture each other.. Who needs groceries this week?, do we need to scoop the snow off of Bertha's drive this week? That kind of thing.How are our old people getting to their doctor appointments? Even in large churches we need to help each other.. Remember--we are companions on the journey!!! My favorite song. What drives me crazy is when they say, all right we have done this for centuries but now we are going to lift our hands like this--don't anybody do the old thing anymore, it's out. Is this important??? Give me a break. I refuse to do that lifting hands thing, seems so artificial to me. Jim Head and I are the only rebels in Imogene I think that won't change because the bishops made a new decision. Let's get after something substantial. Priest abuse, new vocations etc. are more important to me. And I can't stand it when people say, let's don't talk about abuse, it is an old issue and we are devoting too much time to it, now that makes me hot!! WHEW!! Actually I love my church but there is room for improvement. What we do well,-- Catholic Relief Services, Migrate Relief, education in ghetto and urban areas for the poor, aid to young girls who are pregnant, education at every level, elementary, college etc. Keep kids loving each other and maybe we won't have shootings at school,etc.
    and that my friend is the sermon of the week by yours truly. God Bless Everyone-:) ha, ha. :)

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  11. i'll wade into the fray as well;

    1. The pope is only infallible when speaking ex cathedra -- or 'from the chair'. I don't believe this has happened in my lifetime.

    2. The true meaning of church is not a building; its a community of followers. This community is only meaningful in it's shared mission. If the mission is not shared, the community loses cohesion and breaks down. Thus the words from on of my favorite songs, "They will know we are Christians by our love"

    3. Agreed on the importance of random acts of kindness. That Liberty Mutual commercial is one of my favorites -- It starts with a guy picking up some kids toy and putting it back in the stroller, and moves on person by person each doing something selfless for the benefit of another.