25 November 2006

It's Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas

Tonight I had a few friends over for a little Xmas decorating party. Rosemary Clooney and some of her friends came over while I put up multiple strings of lights and other miscellaenous holiday decorations. I have never been as happy with the finished product of my Christmas'ed apartment as I am this year. It really looks nice. I've got my tree up, with ornaments and lights, my wreath of white lights, flashing/chasing lights going around in the kitchen, my holiday candle burning and tinsel up on the mantel. I also put out the Christmas sampler that I quilted when I was 11 years old. Thanks for the lessons Mom!
Adding this to the marathon shopping session yesterday, I definitely feel ready for the holiday season. It's been a few years since homebase and I have really done it up on the day after Thanksgiving like we did yesterday. Up at 5:00 AM, beginning shopping at 6:30, seeing the sunrise as we left Target, having a very productive day at Oakview, enjoying the best pizza in Omaha (Lansky's) at stoppable & schulerin's, and seeing the sun go down on our way home.
It was a wonderful holiday with my family and I'm counting the days til Christmas!


  1. Had a great time snatching all the good ideas out of your hands but you got some great stuff too! Fun, fun. So glad everyone could be together and celebrate our blessings.

  2. Your pix--- wait , wait don't tell me-- those railroad cars could be a couple of places, my guess is right before Hancock on the west side of Highway 59. ????

  3. your blog needs a post with your holiday lights/decoration...
    oh btw...i changed my name to Lehrer - teacher...now i am the master :)

  4. love rosemary clooney, but the blonde was little more (as bing would say) "on the scatback side, but whoaahhh sexy"