16 October 2006

World Food Fair

Well, it was a great weekend. Although our cold streak continued, at least it was sunny (until Sunday, that is). Friday night, I made Hot Pork Curry with Pumpkin, with a butternut squash that I picked up at a roadside pumpkin patch on the way to Iowa City last weekend. It was the first taste of the dish for caboose and les. I think they both enjoyed it. The curry had a great warmth to it. We also watched 'V for Vendetta' while we enjoyed the meal. I'd seen it already, but was eager to watch it again. I really like the movie. I think it is an intelligent look at society and government and stirs up some thoughts. I know stoppable enjoyed it as well when he viewed it and caboose had a lot of praise for it after it was over. Saturday brought the arrival of homebase. Caboose joined in and we hit the Farmer's Market downtown, munching some kettlecorn and sipping hot drinks while we perused the wares. Around 11:00, we headed across the river to East Village to check out the World Food Fair. I was very excited to get to see the Isisserettes again. I think they are the best! The didn't disappoint and we got to listen & watch them for forty minutes or so. The food boothes were then descended upon by us. I selected beef vindaloo, which was delic. Homebase had some fried rice. I also had a samosa which was disappointing. A chicken kabob, with fried plantains and a great sauce for dipping (thick, smokey and very hot) from the Cookry (an African restaraunt in the Drake neighborhood) rounded out the sampling. After taking in a few songs by Gan Bua we weren't hooked so we went and checked out Gong Fu. It is a fun and cool tea house in the East Village area. We admired their wide assortment of teapots and then selected a couple teas to purchase.
After that we headed out to the mall, in search of the product (RED) items we'd seen online and on Oprah the day before. homebase was lucky enough to claim the last inspi(red) t-shirt they had in the store! she also treated us all to RED pins to support the cause. caboose & I found some great undershirts that will come in handy this winter (or right now in our chilly apartment). Saturday evening found us relaxing and enjoying a nice cheese, cracker, fruit and veggie tray while watching "In Good Company" and sampling our new teas.
Sunday morning was mass at St. Ambrose (love that church!) followed by breakfast at Drake Diner. We were able to sit and watch all the runners go by on 25th Street for the marathon as we enjoyed Santa Fe grits and blueberry pancakes! It was a great opportunity for people watching. Most of the rest of the day was spent at the library, working on a paper.
Thanks for making the drive up, homebase, it was a good time!

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  1. All events were fun. Loved the tea shop and just relaxing with everyone Sat. night. Church at St. Ambrose was nice. Thanks for the hospitality.