11 October 2006

Teacher Man

Well, it may not have been like Frank McCourt's book and there weren't any "O Captain, My Captain" moments, but it was very exciting and very fun. It was so rewarding to finally be in front of a class after sitting and observing for the last 36 periods, and studying about it for the past 10 months and thinking about it for the past 18. Two sections of Computer Applications were treated to a lesson from me today. The class is required and is mainly freshman. The lesson was pretty simple and straightforward. There's only so much you can do when you are given a review lesson over Excel basics. But I got a little creative with having the students take turns reading the step-by-step instruction aloud and completing them on the computer hooked to the projector. It was fun to be walking around the classroom, answering questions, giving praise, offering suggestions, checking for understanding. The second bunch is a little rowdy (they caused some havoc for the sub last week) but they were alright for me. My prof was observing that second section, so I'm glad it went well. He was complimentary afterwards in his evaluation. But the real evaluation is from the students.....and I received a strong round of applause at the end of my lesson. This is what I was seeking when I decided to teach. It is what I should tell skeptic naysayers who ask why I would want to teach. "When I finish my work, people applaud." LOL. I am aware that it was just because I was a new teacher, but it was a great beginning!


  1. repost of homebase's comment.

    Hurrah!! YOu must enjoy and appreciate every applause you get! It was well deserved I am sure. I am very glad you got the chance to direct the lesson finally. soon it will be time for your student teaching and that will be very rewarding for you. Congratulations!

  2. YAHOO!!

    What a great day! Keep the memory with you -- and I love the applause retort -- how many people can say that!

  3. Yes, you will be an A-mazing teacher, Jake! This will be a memory you can always refer back to when the times seem trying...because you and I both know that they will. However, I have every bit of faith in you and I know you and your future students will be happy.