03 October 2006

St. Louis

What a fun fun fun weekend! Even the 7 hour drive was fun! We did SO much in our time there; Botantical Gardens w/Chihuly exhibit, Phil's BBQ, Science Center w/sports exhibit, a Hawkeye game, late-night custard feeding, mass at the Basilica, and getting to see Abba play on Sunday afternoon. Even though the Colonials came up short, she rocked and had a great game. I hadn't seen her play since high school so it was wonderful to get a chance to cheer her on (complete with foam hats, kazoos, signs, and chants) at a college match. I was even able to get most of my homework done on the drive hom! It was a long weekend but so fun to spend it with great family. Thanks for a great time everyone!

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  1. thanks for the clip on the colonials, i hadn't seen those stats. Go Abba!!!!!