13 October 2006


Bono and Oprah hit Michigan Ave to film a piece that will air on her show today. Penelope Cruz and Christy Turlington were there as well. They were out checking the visibility of the products that are part of the new (RED) campaign. I read about it a month or so ago in Rolling Stone and thought it sounded great. People are going to spend money on clothes, iPods, etc anyways. If someone (aka Bono) can get corporations to agree to market a 'special' line and give a portion of the proceeds to charity, that will make a much bigger number than asking people for donations.
The special edition iPod is very cool. The primary red is noticably different than the metallicy, flourescent other colors. And those new nano's are SO small! Also, I love love love the idea of a (Red) iTunes gift card. Mainly because I think it is the best gift for a music lover who you don't know what to get for. Plus, it doesn't limit the Red campaign to new iPod buyers.
The GAP has some cool stuff for the line. I think the girls stuff is a bit more stylish than the guys, but what's new? I think they missed the boat by not having a stocking hat.
My favorite thing is the (RED) manifesto. Check it out! The blog is also pretty cool. The Oprah shows sounds like a good one, if only I had the afternoon off! Shop (Red) this holiday season, readers!


  1. Loved the show, thanks for the heads up. I will be buying RED for the holidays, hope to find some cool stuff. Love the idea of it all. GO BONO- He is the man!!!!

  2. i LOVE bono! he may not be THE brightest person, but he knows his limitations and therefore hooks up with the best thinkers, promoters, money-makers to get his ideas working...therefore he is a genius!
    I like the buying red vs non-red marketing idea...hitting people where they are most vunerable.."i must fit in, i must buy red" it taps into the whole purpose of GAP and other name brand clothing.
    ...and if stoppable is out there reading..i think i would like the red nano for christmas :)...it is for a good cause! and well who can deny a good marketing campaign?