16 October 2006

Obama - TIME cover boy!

My readers are all well-aware of my admiration & excitement regarding Barack Obama. It was born while I lived in his state of Illinois and just continues to grow. He is on the cover of the upcoming TIME magazine and you can read the article online. They only part I questioned was when the author stated that Obama's first memior "may be the best-written memoir ever produced by an American politician". I have struggled to get into it and didn't find the writing style to be very page-turning.
One thing I love about Obama is his demeanor and outlook. He does not come off as a know-it-all who views problems with party blinders on. He talks about situations and issues as an intelligent American citizen and talks about what government can do to make improvements. Unlike many politicians, he is someone that I would love to sit down with over tea/coffee.
Two quotes that I don't like and don't agree with:

"He's working a very dangerous high-wire act," Shelby Steele told me. "He's got to keep on pleasing white folks without offending black folks, and vice versa."
--I think that is innaccurate and belitting of all his work. I would hope that he is worried about more than pleasing 'white folks' and offending 'black folks'.

"You have to convey strength," he said, "and it's hard to do that when you're giving on-the-other-hand answers."
--I think there may be a little truth to this, but I think that overall, this idea that being able to consider and weigh two sides of an issue is a testament of weakness is wrong. Some people don't want to think about 'possibilities' and 'options' and 'opposing views', they just want a leader who thinks about one thing and is inflexible in consider options on how to get there. I say bring on more thought, debate and consideration of opportunity costs.


  1. who the heck is shebly steele? white folks/black folks? is this an audition for Gone with the Wind?

    -also, it would seem that if he's working to appeal to a broad group of voters, with opposing opinions wouldn't it be necessary to voice your understanding of both sides of the issue?

    i DO agree with the highwire statement -- if the problem he's trying to balance is his skyrocketing popularity and legislative experience. That is, he's the talk of the town right now -- but strategists say he would stand a better chance running next time around...

  2. I like Obama, wonderful speaker. I don't know all he stands for yet but he seems honest and intelligent. He also seems to want to do the right thing while in Washington. I thought his popularity had flattened out some.

  3. NYT review of the new book:


  4. 3 chances to see the man on TV this week....
    Wednesday, on Oprah
    Thursday, on Today on NBC
    Thursday, on Larry King Live on CNN.