05 October 2006

Lucky Boys Confusion

I had seen the news that Lucky Boys Confusion was going on an indefinite hiatus on their MySpace page and caboose & I discussed it the other night. It would definitely be a BIG downer if they would end up calling it quits. I read caboose's blog on it and was motivated to share my own LBC background and favorites. Fred Astaire was the first thing I heard from them. Following further advice from caboose, and since I was dating a girl in Chicago, I bought their CD "Throwing the Game" used from Amazon. I loved it. "City Lights", "Do You Miss Me (Killians)", "One to the Right", such good stuff. I moved to Chicago (not because of the CD, but it didn't hurt any either). I saw my first Lucky Boys Confusion show pretty much by chance. A group of us had gotten out from an early outdoor show and were in the same neighborhood where I knew LBC were playing at the Double Door. So we went over to see if we could catch part of their show, since they had already been playing for an hour, we got in free and were able to rock out for the last few numbers and an encore. They had the crowd amped. My next viewing was even more memorable. It was just myself and ellen ellen and after getting some food and drinks at Cubby Bear, I went to take some cash out of the ATM before we grabbed a cab to Double Door for an LBC show. The ATM had other ideas though. It kept saying "ERROR OCCURRED" and I was getting frustrated. We decided to just get a cab and ellen ellen paid for it and I would hit up an ATM when we got there. So we did, and I did, but that ATM also wouldn't process my card, but this time the message was much more clear, "INSUFFICIENT FUNDS". Aaagggh! As I spiralled into a finance-cause depression, my mind was going a million miles an hour. I had been so sure I had a small cushion in there, but it seems I had been a bit off. It was one of my lowest points of my Chicago period. Not many things would've been able to pull me out of that funk, but viewing LBC from the small balcony room, with drinks provided by ellen ellen, and my mood started to improve about halfway through the show. By the end of the night, I was back to my optimistic, positive-minded self, thanks in no small-part to the musical stylings of LBC.
The next show I saw was a birthday surprise. I was completely fooled, thinking that we were going to an art show right until we pulled into the parking lot of the House of Blues. What an awesome venue and what am awesome show. I had purchased and been loving their new CD "Commitment" and the boys really laid it down that night. "Mr. Wilmington", "Atari", "Hey Driver", "Ordinary" Great time.
My last LBC show was at Gabe's Oasis on one of the coldest night of last winter. It is also where I scored a free small tshirt that was gifted to NTW. Yet another great show. Lots of good times with LBC. Their music always puts me in a good mood. And that is a wonderful thing.


  1. Man, that's a story I've heard before but it gets me every time.

    What else is music for if not pulling the listener out of the funk they're in and telling them, "it's going to be okay." Esp. LBC's music, which is so positive and 'fuck this, i'm gonna rise above and get through this with or without your help'

  2. 1. but if it's the music, then it's definitely with your help.

    2. i don't believe i've ever heard any LBC... hmm... i may need to find new blogs to comment on, given the strenght of feeling for the group....

    3. NTW clearly believes his black LBC shirt is the coolest apparel on the planet. thank you!

  3. 4. what's the chicago connection? their hometown?

  4. yep, they are chicago natives. maybe i'll have to put together an LBC sampler for ya.