20 October 2006

Live Music!

Back to back nights of live music! Yippee! I saw towncrier on my birthday and they put on a good show. They are all excited for their CD release show coming up and they put on a good set.
And then last night, I checked out Steph Taylor at the Mars Cafe. I had gotten a bulletin on myspace on her and thought it would be fun to check out some new music and I saw that she played piano, which I love so I was eager to give it a listen. She rocked! She started out on the piano for just over half her set and then switched to guitar. Her website described her piano style as slightly percussive and I think that is a good description. Her voice was great and it was a fun night. caboose and I each got a CD and had a chance to chat with Steph after the show. Seems like a cool girl and definitely a good show.
Sidenote: I mentioned to caboose that she attended Berklee School of Music and he said that that is where John Mayer studied, so I checked out their website and this alumni page. Pretty impressive!

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  1. Wow. Went to Steph's website and listed to "Anything For You". You're right she's good. She plays in Omaha tonight at Mick's in Benson. Too bad that Kate and Eron couldn't go and hear her. Maybe they could find a sitter...........hmmmm.

    First time I've posted a comment for you. Usually check Kate's blog and post occasionally, but usually too busy at work for anything. Keep rockin' Big Guy.