23 October 2006


Last Friday, I hit the interstate and zoomed over to Omaha. I arrived just in time to join stoppable for the after-school pick-up of Emily and NTW. Stoppable surprised everyone by announce that we were headed to Dave & Buster's. Car racing, basketball shooting, skeeball throwing, boxing, and military warfare games were well enjoyed by everyone. We hit Taste of Thailand for dinner and I had some wonderful Southern Noodles, flat noodles with chicken and potatoes in a thick yellow curry sauce. And they were HOT. Very very nice. After putting the kids down, I couldn't seem to pull myself away from the Lego creation I had started while playing with NTW earlier. So for the next hour and a half or so, stoppable and I played Legos. I hadn't really had a building session in years and years. It was great. As requested by NTW, I put together the parrot according to the instruction booklet he had provided. After that, I kept going and did the crab and the ant. I also completed my original starfighter ship. Meanwhile, stoppable formulated an all-red moon-speeder, completed with flag and red pilot. Which lead me to recall and share that his creations always looked like a real plan that you might see on a Lego box, while my creations usually tended to look more like a brick with wings and wheels. I wonder what that tells about our brain patterns. I wish I had snapped a couple pics of them on the cameraphone to post. Regardless, it was very fun. We finished the night by making a cream of cauliflower soup, which was good and I liked the lightness of it. I think we were right in reducing the amount of sour cream.
Saturday and Sunday were spent down home, eating, watching some good college football games (Texas over Nebraska in the last minute, sorry schulerin! and Notre Dame over UCLA in the last minute), playing Pit, Boggle and Ping-Pong, reading magazines and a little Orschelin's shopping! I love my new mittens/gloves! Thanks to all for a fun birthday celebrating weekend.


  1. Hey dude, glad you were able to be a kid again...Lego's pretty much are amazing. have to agree with you there. I'm also glad you had a wonderful bday weekend with your fam. :-) See you tomorrow!

  2. great fun with the legos and soup making! the spaceship became an instant classic -- NTW took it to church!

  3. or rather, he tried to take it; but was told it had to stay in the van.

    the last thing i want to hear as the consecration begins is the SMASH of 143 lego bricks exploding from a dropped starship!