25 October 2006

CNN 'Left or Right' Poll

In reply to Stoppable's request to go out and do CNN's poll that gives a quick indication of your standing on a handful of key issues, here's my results. I couldn't put the graphic into his comments so I made my own post out of it. I came out about where I thought I would. Not far left but definitely leaning in that direction.
I liked that there was only two options for each question. It made it hard to answer a couple of the questions. I had difficulty choosing without being able to get more info or qualify my choice. I thought it was nice to just have to say, "Favor" or "Oppose".


  1. i initially thought the 2 choice format limited your expression of opinion; but on 2nd thought -- and prompting of middleson i had to reverse my opinion.

  2. while yes and no makes for a tidy little survey...the world is not so black and white.