04 October 2006

Chili Dog!!!

I thawed the wonderful chili given to me by stoppable and stopped by the grocery store on the way home to pick up some extra plump hot dogs (on sale for $0.99) and buns. I toasted the buns, heated up the chili, boiled the hot dogs, diced some onions, got out a selection of hot sauces, added some shredded cheese and caboose, les, and myself had a chili dog feast while watching the season premier of LOST. I remembered to split my hot dog on the second one and that made it even better. They were delicious, so good in fact, that they stopped the younger two from going to Jimmy John's and enticed them to stay and dine with me! Thanks for the yummy chili, stoppable!


  1. As both middleson and caboose were informed last night, this was my very first chili dog experience ever. I now have a newfound respect for the chili dog. It was very tasty!! A big thank you to the guys for inviting me down for dinner and an hour of Lost!

  2. 1. first chili dog ever? what the hell?!!

    2. why split the dog?

    3. hot sauce -- good call!

    4. brand of dog selected?

    5. boiled v. grilled.... thoughts? dog only, i'm for grilled all the way. with chili or beans i can entertain boiled arguments

  3. That's a pretty chili dog!!:)

  4. 1. i was equally amazed that it was the 1st chili dog ever.

    2. i think splitting the dog holds the chili better and, i usually split my bites of dog in half while eating so it just makes sense to split the whole thing beforehand.

    3. thx, i used the chipotle one you gave me. nice & smokey.

    4. Farmland

    5. Boiled was good because it kept the dogs plump and could keep them hot & simmering. when the come off the grill, they cool and shrivel up too quickly.