15 September 2006

There are good days

Wednesday was not a good day. I'd let myself get stressed and depressed and worried a lot about things that are out of my control. After a good talk with homebase on Wednesday evening, Thursday turned out MUCH better.
The weather was just perfect and the sun and warmth finally reappearing after what seemed like a week of grey and overcast was simply fantastic. The day just went well; good meetings were I contributed productively, it was a jeans day, I had on my funky green and red adidas (you can't be too down wearing shoes that funky), the library had the book on CD that I wanted, and I split a Pablo's burrito with caboose for lunch.
But what really set the day apart was my time at Gray's Lake. I was walking down the stairs to the wellness center when a co-worker commented about how nice it was and mentioned Gray's Lake. I had planned on going there and either walking or maybe jogging (depending on how ambitious I felt) after a quick workout in the weight room. She mentioned rollerblading and I instantly knew that that is what I was in the mood for. My rollerblades were in my trunk and a fun skate around the lake would be perfect and a gorgeous day. So I did an intense 30 minute lift and then made the short drive to the lake (probably only 2 or 3 minutes.) When I got there and strapped on the skates I hadn't worn in probably a couple years and headed around the lake, my surroundings just sort of overwhelmed me and I had such a great time that before I'd even made one loop (2 miles) I knew I'd have to blog about it.
There was a 70 year old man in Key bib overalls walking three small white poodles. A guy walking the entire loop backwards. A Hispanic dad biking it, followed by his two 6 or 7 year old sons on their bikes, taunting and joking between them in Spanish. A group of older women in their sun hats and large dark glasses going slowly but enjoying the weather like everyone else. A mother and father with their young daughter, out for a walk after school. There were moms pushing strollers. Guys jogging with their dogs. Pairs of friends, both men and women, meeting for a post-work walk to burn off stress and share a bitch session. Two middle aged guys on the only boat on the lake, eating strawberries and fishing. Two young women in tank tops on lawn chairs placed on the very edge of the water getting a last tan of the season. A girl on a Big Wheel. One solitary goose on the whole lake. A dad with his two sons walking out on the dock with their fishing poles. Hardcore runners with their shirts off and zero body fat. There were people in love and people by themselves and people with friends. I could gaze out on the lake with its ripples on one side and on the other was the Des Moines River, moving slow and looking like hot chocolate. The warmth of the sun on my skin and the feeling of the breeze in my face, the steady metronome of my skates on the blacktop, "KKhhhhrrr, KKhhhrrrr, KKhhrrrrr, KKhhrrrr" helped me to relax and unwind the tensions of a tough week. And all of these scenes soaked in the rich liquidy bronze saturation of a September sun with not a cloud in the blue sky.
I was in such a high-flying mood, that I tore out the end-page from a book I had in my car and sat there and listened to the wind rustling through the leaves and I captured all the sensory stimuli before I forgot them. It was so wonderful to remember that life really is good and there is happiness out there. I hope you all were able to enjoy the weather and the outdoors.


  1. it is a wonderful thing that you actually sat down and recorded the feeling. so many times in life i have found myself saying this is the best day ever, i'm always going to remember it...but sadly it gets lost among the other days too quickly. now if you have a bad day you can reread and go back to the beautiful memory and remember that life is beautiful.

  2. Excellent post!
    I really enjoyed reading it -- felt like I got a bit of a lift from it too.

    Thanks for sharing it.

    I keep all my "i-never-want-to-forget" items in one place, for future refernce as shulerin says.

  3. You really tore up that concrete, 6 miles, great job. It was a beautiful day and I walked while listening to the rustling cornstalks on a gravel road. The corn dried so fast this week. It's a great time of year, glad things are falling into place for you, you are a great person, enjoy the fall everyone, i will be at the tree adventure working on Sat. so I will enjoy my day a great deal. It is applejack days so there will be thousands of people at the orchard. Have a good weekend.