08 September 2006

Full Moon

Did anyone check out the awesome full moon last night? I know homebase did, because she called me to make sure I checked it out. We were driving back from Barnes and Nobles at that time and the moon was like a fat orangey-yellow light bulb, sitting low in the sky and easily viewed in the front windshield. The brightness probably can't match viewing it from the country, but it was still quite impressive.
I browsed around and found this interesting info in the failsafe source of all information, The Farmers Almanac. The full moon in each month has a different name from the Native Americans. This site also had some good info as does Wikipedia.


  1. i missed it as the southeast is a bad spot from my backyard...

    i did like the native american names -- december got the short-end of the stick though.. full cold moon? nothing cool like hunter/beaver/sturgeon? rats!

  2. I loved the Indian names for the moon, and the Farmer
    s Almanac. Thanks for that site. :) Check the moon again tonight as it could be orange upon rising again for a day or two