14 September 2006


Yesterday, caboose stated that he wanted to make the Layered Bean Dip to bring in to work for the 'food day'/tailgate party for the Iowa vs Iowa State game. So we went to Dahl's and I gave him a list of ingredients and he picked them out. Then, back at the apartment, I stood back and let him do the assembling. It was fun to me to help build his culinary knowledge. I think he was quite proud of the completed product and rightly so, it did look good! I hope that it is received well today by his co-workers. I didn't feel like putting in any effort to what I was going to bring in so I just grabbed a box of Chips Ahoy.


  1. sounds tasty. unfortunately the history office doesn't partake in such things. GO hawks! sorry luke, but i can't root for IA state...i'm sure you understand. (no go USC comments will be allowed at this point)

  2. hmm

    Chips Ahoy v. SoftBatch?

    I'm a soft batch backer.

    Actually I think even above the choc chip would be OREO....

    and fig newton -- although I wouldn't bring that to an office party.

  3. Chips Ahoy were selected because they were $1.88.

    If it were for personal consumption, I would always select OREOs, followed by SoftBatch and Fig Newtons. I don't even like Chips Ahoy!

  4. ah ha!

    i would be picing up the Hy-Vee bakery, 1 inch thick icing in that case!

    you can't beat $1.88 though