11 September 2006

9/11 : Five Years Later

This is the "Healing Field" that was visited. The picture does not give an accurate depiction of the scale of the display. The flags wrap completely around the building.


  1. it seems so strange that it has been five years...every time i think about it i am in front of my tv around 8:30 and then the second plane hit. phew. very hard to think about. i remember being so upset i didn't want to take emily to school that day, and i wanted eron to come home from work. it is hard to imagine what it must have been for people who had family inside, or on the planes, or the people trapped in the buildings. my prayers are for them all today.

  2. the tribute sounded very impressive. great photo too.

    9/11 was so scary, so unreal I think it helped me to understand the impact of Pearl Harbor to the previous generation.