24 August 2006

Run, Forrest!!

I heard a piece on NPR on this guy a while back and then this morning I saw this article on CNN.com. I agree that the human body is capable of a lot, but just as important would be the conditioning of the human mind. It is good that he has a meaningful, strong cause that is motivating him. He did all 50 states, and actually 51 marathons (two in one day!). Oh, and he logged a PR (personal record) on the last one. Why not!
His blog his interesting and gives a more detailed version of his craziness. He ran the Iowa marathon on no sleep!


  1. I think that's amazing!! One of my goals is to do a marathon someday. However, I think I'll stick to doing just one, rather than 50.

    I also wanted to comment on your viewing of Murderball. I had to watch it for a Health Psych class last year and loved it! I think it's a fabulous, and even humorous, documentary. I highly recommend it as a rental to anyone who hasn't seen it and enjoys a good documentary from time to time.

  2. I heard this same story intro'd on the way to work, but missed the bulk of it -- thanks for posting it!

    50in50in50 wow. how do you build up an endurance level like that??!

  3. craziness!!!

    Loved Murderball!