24 August 2006

Pluto on the hot seat

I'm not a big fan of astronomy, but I found this article to be rather amusing, if not a little interesting. In particular I loved this sentence, "That prompted some galactic grumbling from astronomers who began openly attacking Pluto's planethood." I'm sure those astronomers will be on pins and needles until 2015 when they get some hard evidence.


  1. is the article link missing? i don't see it...

    i saw this in the DC times and was astonished. no more 9 planets? i've heard 'planetino' tossed about as a face-saver for the diminuitive member of the solar system.

    also, i wonder how the rest of the solar system is taking this news, what with Earth making all the decisions...

  2. Sorry forgot to add the link.
    Situation rectified.