30 August 2006

Name that Flag

I was laying on my bed reading the other night and I started looking at the two large wall maps that adorn my walls, a very nice Christmas present from Stoppable's family. Along the bottom of the world map are the flags of all the countries. I started thinking how much fun that geography quiz website I found was for everyone and I wondered if there were flag identification sites along those same lines. Here are three that I found:

Games for the Brain
This one shows you the flag and gives you 4 countries to choose from.
There is a timer but it doesn't effect the points awarded. If you choose incorrectly, it displays the correct country & flag, along with the mistaken country you chose and its flag, a nice feature.

Flag Game
This one was my favorite and seemed the most educational. You get 10 minutes to work through 15 flags. You have to choose for a list of all countries but you can get a variety of hints (capital, map, currency, neighbors or anthem.) And if you get one right, you get a chance at a 50 point bonus question. Correct answer is +150, each clue is -20 & so is a wrong answer. Very fun. Maybe some Labor Day competition? The only negative, which might make it too easy, is that you can't focus in on one geographic area or continent.

Martin Purchase
This one is slow loading and pretty basic. You are shown a flag and choose from a list of all countries. The scroll bar is on the right and pretty rudimentary. After five incorrect choices, you are given a hint of the country's first letter. This site is not recommended.


  1. all right, nobody do it and we will do it this weekend,:) If anybody gets 100% then we might think... well I am sure nobody will.

  2. agreed -- first attempt will be this weekend.....

  3. wow.

    the flag challenge was HARD. i got stuck in the south pacific and never got out of there!