02 August 2006


After seeing that there was going to a Nite-Glo last night down in Indianola and considering that my mother would be in town, of course we had to go down and check it out. Unfortunately, our luck with hot air balloons continued to be lacking. When we pulled into the grounds everyone was walking and driving in the opposite direction. When we got out and started wandering towards the site, a nice lady offered, "Too windy, it's cancelled, maybe tomorrow!" Which really was too bad, because it was a gorgeous night out. Quite a contrast to my last Indianola balloon experience when it was boiling and there was long hours of waiting for something to happen and it never did. BUT...we were lucky to witness three balloons landing in fields right along the highway on our way down. We were pulling off the highway and cutting onto gravel roads just like the other chase vehicles and spectators. It was quite fun!
After the strike out at the balloon field, we hit the A & W and ordered from the intercom and ate in the car while listening to some golden oldies and hearing mom tell about the times at the A & W in Shen. Good times. And I forget how good A & W root beer is, especially in a float. Delicious!
Well, when's the next balloon chase, and who's up for it?


  1. I will always be "up" ( funny) for a balloon takeoff--But the question is always, will the pilots??. I am 0 for 4 in trying to see balloons go up. The last one was with eron and kate and we were chased out by a tornado warning and a downpour. Thursday night I couldn't believe they didn't go up, heck, it was just a nite-glo, which means for you beginning balloon lovers, they are tethered!! It was not even windy, I kid you not! But the A and W was fun, Jake had on an oldies channel that reminded me of all the fun times we had at our town's dub-that's what we called it when we wanted to be cool-:) with my luck though when I offer a trip to see balloons, you'd better run the other way. There is the International Balloon Festival in santa fe every year I hear is quite spectacular!

  2. the magic of the ballon is directly proportional to it's scarcity and elusive launching practices