12 July 2006

Zidane Speaks

Zidane appeared on French TV last night and apologized for his actions, but also said that he did not regret them. He was not definitive in what insults were directed at him, but stated that they were 'very offensive, very personal' and that they were repeated several times.
And it has been shown that Materazzi twisted Zidane's nipple moments before producing his insults and receiving the knock-down. Bizarre, but it does make the head-butt more understandable. Few things are as painful and infuriating as a nipple twist.
***UPDATE*** Here is another story including info from a second interview ZZ did. VERY interesting that he focused on racism. FIFA is already investigating the incident and they stated before the tournament that any racist remarks would be grounds for sending off.


  1. Very crazy, but he feels at peace with it so everyone should just move on. He will always be a favorite I think.

  2. Most pundits place ZZ as the third best player of all time, behind Pele and Maradona. And if you consider the unfavorable events included in Maradona's career, I think ZZ will be well remembered.

  3. wall street journal reported today that mat. said zidane is one of his heros..i just thought what a weird thing. he also said he would never insult someone's mother as he lost his when he was 15.
    there is also a french lawyer taking the whole thing to court to try and get the game replayed. woah. it was also interesting to note that the headlines in france AND italy were all zidane not italy's title.