26 July 2006

Wear Yellow tomorrow!

From a LiveSTRONG newsletter:

As a supporter of the Lance Armstrong Foundation, you can play a special role. Thursday, July 27, 2008 is LIVESTRONG Iowa Day and Lance is asking Iowans to wear yellow to demonstrate how many people are affected cancer, to raise awareness about the fight against cancer and to signal to our political leaders that it's time to make cancer a national priority.

Lance is in Iowa and wants everyone to wear yellow on Thursday. It would be cool to see all the riders on RAGBRAI or the crowd when he speaks.


  1. I would love to see it, too bad Newton is so far, wish it were at Jordan Creek or somewhere near here, I will wear my yellow tie dye shirt tomorrow for Lance.

  2. I think my day-glo yellow GONZAGA shirt has faded, but I'll check it out.

    Looking forward to some good pics of the RAGBRAI crowd decked out though!