17 July 2006

Sweat Shop

Since the heat index was around 105 degrees today, it was a likely day for air conditioners to give up the fight. Rarely does that happen at businesses employing thousands of workers. It a noticable change when the pleasing, cool conditioned air stopped around 11:00 this morning. Very shortly it was impossible to notice the muggy warm air that seemed to be replacing it. A few minutes later, the shades (if they weren't already) were lowered in the building the a majority of the lights were turned off (to slow the inevitable rise in temperature). By the time I met caboose to go for lunch it was getting pretty warm, but I was guessing the A/C would be back online by the time we got back. It wasn't. By the time they sent out the email saying it was OK to go home if you were uncomfortable or didn't want to work in the heat, it was uncomfortably warm, especially when people dress for the normal workplace temperature, which is extra cool. When people on my floor acted uncertain about whether or not to leave, I looked at them with my best perplexed look and said, "They said we can go home. I'm leaving." Why complicate matters that are really simply?


  1. I would have been one of the first 10 out the door. Like when we go home early due to snow and some people are like, I think I will stay, what are they thinking.? They don't live 8 miles out of town though. What an awful day to have that happen. WHew

  2. the indecisive would have felt the breeze of my speedy exit on their faces!