28 July 2006

Listmaking to fight Boredom

The professor teaching my current class is good, but she has a tendancy to ramble a bit and to get sidetracked. These sidebars can take quite a while until she realizes she's gone astray from the true lesson. Anyways, to fill this mind-numbingly boring time, some of the people sitting by me have begun to compile lists. Which is great, because I love lists. We've already tried to list all 50 states (I got 49...stupid Idaho!), Capitals (I didn't even try), Presidents (I just watched on this one, they got all but two), Counties in Iowa (I think we got ~45 of the 99) and Teams in the Big 10, Big 12, ACC, Big East, and SEC. We are running out of ideas? Anything come to mind for Monday's class?


  1. -books of the old testament
    -countries that border ______
    -streets that intersect w/campus from north to south
    -inventions of Edison

  2. make up a list of significant historic dates and see if people can list the answer.

    i.e. -
    dec. 7 1941
    nov 11 1918
    july 20 1969
    sept 3 1939
    nov 22 1963
    jan 27 1976
    nov 9 1989
    march 17 2003

    or see who can list the most ammendments (eron and i did this one - whoo wee its hard)

    oscar winning movies (a hard one unless you are a die hard entertainment fan)

    so many lists so little time...