05 July 2006

Jose +10

So, I did a bit more poking around on this commercial that I love and I wanted to share the info. "The impossible team" as it is called on the adidas site is a mind-blowing collection of quality. You can go to the adidas site to download the two segments and the behind the scenes. I'm hoping they come out with a third and final installment for the final, but we'll have to wait til Sunday to see. I found this site that had the audition videos of both Pedro and Jose and them together. Hilarious! I loved them! And then this site has a nicely detailed narration of the commercial complete with translations and player notations. Don't skip the comments section, there is even a German quote translated.I'd like to call attention to an article it links to that talks about adidas, the world cup and the +10 ads. It is pretty sweet! Finally, the delicious song "if you don't give my football back, i'm gonna get my dad on you..." is actually called "Eaney Meanie" and is by Jim Noir. Check him out and listen to the song on his website or on his myspace page.

Oh, and here's my impossible team I threw together. Build your own here!


  1. GREAT AD -- it has my vote for best of 2006.

    actually it is probably my #2 favorite commerical of all time. (#1 is still reserved for the Yahoo! commerical set on an island)

    thanks for the breakdown site -- that was really cool. i watched the add again and was schocked to realize i *did* know most of the players (after they were pointed out)

  2. What fun in building your own team!
    that should be your background!

  3. I loved the try out ads for Jose!! I had to wait forever for them to download but I am glad I did. I couldn't get you dream team though. I love the commercial, and the translation helped but we were pretty close weren't we?? Great post

  4. Thanks for the plug on Jose + 10 at Jardiniere -- I'll be posting a definitive edition soon. . .