07 June 2006

Petrol hijacking

If I had stopped to fill up my very low tank on the way to class Monday night, I would've paid $2.61 a gallon. Instead, I decided to wait and fill up on the way home. So, four hours later on the way home, my low fuel light lit up and I cruised in to QT only to see that they were now asking me to pay $2.72 a gallon. An eleven cent increase in four hours. Now how can that be justified? All these analysts keep saying that it is just being dictated by the influences on the market, simple supply and demand, etc. I don't think that is entirely true. The same scenario happened over Memorial day. In the two or three weeks leading up to Memorial day, the prices had dropped a penny or two every couple days to bring the price down from $2.65 to $2.51. Then, overnight, the price jumped up ten cents again. I honestly believe that it is a conspiracy. But I also don't think that anyone is going to modify their gas consumption until the price gets closer to $4. Too bad our government and the auto industry haven't/aren't doing more to advocate for alternative fuel options.


  1. amen I say--the Arabic nations have us right where they want us--begging for oil. Since Johannes is now head of Ag Dept in Washington I was hoping for something there, did you see the Pres' speech this morning in Omaha, 30 minutes. He did give a plug for CWS!!! It was on immigration and he was at Metro College.

  2. this post prevented me from being jacked in the Big O. I pulled into a familiar station, one known to have fairly low prices... only to discover after opening the gas cap $1.85 as the min price. I snapped the door closed and pealed out! Later that day I picked up at QT -- $1.72

  3. This has nothing to do with Gas, but rather your Movie-Monkey Ban (see his sidebar)

    Famous Flicks starring Non Human Primates:

    Planet of the Apes (ugh)
    King Kong (double ugh on the new version - 3 hours?)
    Project X (just plain hokie and not in the good WV kind of way)
    Dunston Checks In (embarrasing)

    In fact the only good monkeys appear to be animated:

    MonkeyFist of Kim Possible fame
    Abu as Aladdin's friend and sidekick

    Finally, regarding the one good movie containing a live monkey -- Raiders of the Lost Ark -- the monkey's role was kept small and they had the good sense to kill him off mid-way through.

  4. wow. i changed my sign in name and had totally forgotten about it.