13 June 2006


I've never been a big fan of pets but after seeing Spike on Stoppable's page and acknowledging my fondness for all things penguin (Osbert!, Mr. Popper's..., The Adventures of Marco and Polo, Pittsburgh..., The March of..., the clay one I made in camp last summer, the ones at the Shedd Aquarium) I thought I would love to have a penguin for a pet. Please welcome Paddy to the blog. (A green penguin! He must be a native of the northern coasts of the emerald isle.)


  1. Do you have to "feed" him and take care of him?

  2. OH SH!T!!!! I clicked on Paddy (alot) and he fell off his ice berg. YIKES!!! Ummmm NO pet sitting for me!

  3. You guys must have a lot of time on your hands!!! Paddy is cute though

  4. i like the sidebar placement much better than the bottom of the heap... i'll be working on that.

    also i have to note i love this kind of i'll-be-here-when-you-need-me but never-jump-on-you sort of pet....

    no offense daisy