09 June 2006

Germans vs Ticos

What an opening match!!! 4-2 Germany. 3 goals in the first 17 minutes! That is crazy action for a World Cup opener. I came in early this morning to work (6:30) so that I could take a 2 hour lunch and watch the match as I worked out. First half on the elliptical (45 min), pushups and dips during halftime, and biking in the second half (45 min). After showering, I returned to my cubicle with a case of jelly legs, I feel a bit like I played in the match myself!
I hope all the games will be this exciting! Bring on the weekend.

PS - The US government needs to get a clue. Costa Rica declared a national holiday today and everyone has the day off.


  1. I called GW about getting the day off Monday... but his secretary was apparently screening all WorldCup callers so I left a message.

    I was infected with the WorldCup fever as I cranked up the radio coverage on the way to lunch.

    Kt -- how do you say GOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLL!!!!!! in German?

  2. Loved watching our match at El Rodeo in Des Moines with Mexican food, wouldn't it be fun to try to find an ethnic restaurant to sit at and watch the game while you munch away for every big match, Germany-Das Rhinelander, Mexico, La Mesa or El Rodeo, Costa Rica, black beans and rice somewhere, now the USA tomorrow, McDonalds? Yuk.

  3. eron i will check the goal ? out. and i have to say well done to beckam for the only goal for england saturday!