30 June 2006

German pride

A quote from Boris Becker in the London Times:

"How wonderful it is to be at home, a country where i no longer live, and feel so comfortable being German. We haven't forgotten what happened with our nation in the past and never must. We have respect for our fathers and grandfathers and what they have done for us, but it is not a part of what my generation stands for. We are more international than than people give us credit for, more open, more friendly, and that has been shown in the opening three weeks of the World Cup. I would be sheepish in the past about being German, now I walk around Miami with my head held high, and that is a dramatic change."


  1. That is a good quote, he said he mind and seems to have a good perspective on what German must have meant in the 40's, 50's and what it means nowdays for the next generation. Not easy facing that history.

  2. i had never thought of German history in the current sense, that is -- how younger people would feel about their german heritage in light of WWII etc.

    i certainly makes sense in retrospect though.