21 June 2006

College World Series

What A Catch!!!

First off, the story behind the picture. In the fifth or so inning of Monday's afternoon game at Rosenblatt (Oregon State vs Georgia) a foul ball was hit our way. We were seated just past the dugout and about 20 rows up, great seats. So the ball comes our way and comes down just two or three rows in front of us. A guy reaches to grab it but fails, the ball bounes off his hand and back and Eron went full-stretch to snag it, all while holding NTW in the other arm! The crowd applauded his catch, but when Eron gave the ball to NTW and held him up, Noah had this undescribable look of joy on his face and a ball in his upraised fist. The crowd cheered like mad! One of those life moments that give you goosebumps, make you smile & thank God for blessing like that.
Then a short while later a man came up and told Eron he had taken some good snaps of his catch, so Eron gave him his email and here is one of the 4 pictures sent. Very cool. The day was just a blast overall. CWS at the 'Blatt in the summer heat is tough to beat. I had a Minute Maid Frozen Pink Lemonade for the first time ever and it is was great!
The whole weekend was fun too! Watching lots of World Cup on tv, playing soccer with all the kids, a long and dirty house project on Sunday, and two rain delays during the Saturday night game with my mom and Eron.
Thanks all for a great weekend.


  1. I just love it!! I am going to try to get some photo paper and print it out to keep, Way to go Eron!!!!!! :) Thanks for putting it on here Jake

  2. this was a blast -- just a great day at the park -- sausage and peppers w/Jake - and the game with everyone.

    jake thoughtfully brought us all a frozen treat later in the game -- I had a popsicle for the first time in probably 6 years.... Turns out I like them more than I thought!

  3. Please tell the story of how this picture was taken! Did J just happen to be up, facing Eron with a perfect shot of the catch? It is a great picture...almost seems too good to be true!

  4. Wow that is so cool! Where did you find the picture? Is Eron holding Noah while catching the ball? Impressive!