04 June 2006

Amnesty billboards

Check out this link to see a new outdoor advertisement campaign from Amnesty International. It has not been introduced here in the States. The images are harrowing and the tagline is powerfully short and sharp. "It's not happening here, but it is happening now."


  1. why not here?

    A+ marks on grabbing your attention. I think it's a great campaign to raise awareness.

  2. It's a good (and valid) question, why not here? I would guess our gov't/advertising regulations won't allow it. just a guess, though.

    I think the one where it looks like the kid with a automatic rifle is climbing up out of the subway stair would scary the hell out of me if I was walking up the bus stop early on a monday morning.

  3. Many of those images would "scary" the hell out of me just to imagine those things happening in my country. Amnesty International is a good group. Don't really know much about them politically .