30 December 2004

Odds of Survival are Improving...

At first, I wanted to think that my arrival here in the Windy City had some sort of calming, peace-generating effect. Then I read further in the article and saw that the crime rates have been falling for 13 straight years. Oh well. 13 straight years is pretty impressive. I'm not sure if it is the improving technology as the article states or if things were just pretty damn scary 13 years ago.

From Chicago to Ukraine...


Drag Queens vs. Swim Team


This has been a BIG story within the YMCA. It is such a comical scene to imagine, but it has cost a couple people their jobs and from the rumors within the Y, more could follow.

On a related note, their was an incident at our facility where we had a male attempt to use our pool, dressed in a pink thong swimsuit. When the lifeguard stopped him and told him that his attire was not suitable in our family environment the man argued in a high pitched voice before heading to the showers.

28 December 2004

(Ukranian) Orange Crush

I first became aware of this story by an interesting piece on NPR. They mentioned that clothing stores across the country have sold out of ALL their orange clothes. It looks like the outcome is going to be a good one.


This article has some great insight and offers a broader look at the situation.
I love the sign translator rebelling, talk about ballsy!!!
I also love the people leading the youth rebellion with rock music, puppet shows, and free food. What else do young people need, let alone young rebels?

A short Q & A with Yushchenko

This one has a picture of Yushchenko's face after the poison attack. I couldn't find the good before and after shots Eron sent out.

Incomprehinsible tragedy...


I am simply shocked each time I here an update on this story. 60,000 dead. 9.0 on the Richter scale.

After reading about the aid that the U.S. is sending over, I was wondering what kinds of aid other countries around the world are doing. I am going to do a little poking around on the web tonight to see what I can find. If anyone else is interested/bored and would like to report back with any findings, it would be appreciated.

Held on to a palm tree for 8 hours with a broken pelvis.
Here's to wishing her a quick, full recovery and getting back to work ASAP.

26 December 2004

2004 Book Lists

We put this comment on Anne & Gerald's blog last night in reply to their lists, so I thought I'd post them on my blog here for everyone to check out.

1. Postville (A Clash of Cultures in Heartland America) - Bloom
2. The Chieftains - Glatt
3. It's Not About the Bike - Lance Armstrong
4. Letters to a Young Gymnast (Art of Mentoring) -- by Nadia Comaneci
5. Once upon a Town: The Miracle of the North Platte Canteen -- by Bob Greene
6. Cold Mountain - Frazier
7. Beckham : Both Feet on the Ground - David Beckham
8. Reading Lolita in Tehran - Nafisi (only 1/2 finished!!)
9. Class Dismissed: A Year in the Life of an American High School - Maran
10. Ruby's Wish - Shirin Yim Bridges
11. Click Clack Moo - Doreen Cronin

1. Owls aren't wise, Bats aren't Blind - Shedd
2. We Shall Not Fail - Celia Sandys
(Winston Churchill)
3. Three Weeks with My Brother - Nicholas Sparks
4. Sand County Almanac - Aldo Leopold
5. Crimes Against Nature - R.F.K. Jr.
6. Wild Swans - Jung Chang
7. InStyle Getting Gorgeous
8. He's Just Not That into You - Greg Behrend
9. Zen and the Art of Knitting - Murphy
10. E = MC2 (Great Ideas that Shaped our World) - Pete Moore

1. DaVinci Code - Dan Brown
2. Agent 146 - Heller
3. Master of Disguise - Antonio Mendez
4. Stickin - James Corville
5. Stan the Hot Dog Man - Ethel Kessler
6. My Penguin Osbert - Elizabeth Cody Kimmel
7. Duck for President - Doreen Cronin

1. DaVinci Code - Dan Brown
2. Angels & Demons - Dan Brown
3. Cold Mountain - Frazier
4. Inca Gold - Clive Cussler
5. Ender's Game - Orson Scott Card
6. Deception Point - Dan Brown
7. excerpts from "The Human Condition" - Hannah Arendt
8. Dirty Politics - Kathleen Jamieson

1. City of Ladies - Christina D. Pizan
2. Too many textbooks too mention

1. Junie B. Jones, Boss of Lunch
2. Magic Tree House - Research Guide of Pirates

1. Feathers for Lunch - Lois Ehlert
2. K is for Kitten
3. Shy Little Kitten

1. Swimmy - Leo Leoni
2. Great Adventures of Wo Ti - Nathan Zimelman

24 December 2004

Let us begin now....

I am commencing this blog project in an attempt to fulfill a new year's resolution. It is an effort to put more of my thoughts down in writing and, in so doing, lose less of them, make them more clear and useful and share them with others. I also envision it being a place with friends, family and readers could share their reactions, comments, and critiques. I don't have many ideas for topics, but here's to hoping for inspiration to find me.